Against the interest of our members to take part in flourishing projects in Argentina, the CCAC has created four working groups: Mining, Energy, Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility and Human Resources.

Those groups generate a lot of very relevant interactions. They are essential to our members because they allow the sharing of experiences and useful information in their respective fields. Each group receives many guests, offers common strategies and acts as a channel of communication to other public o private institutions.

Each group is headed by a coordinator and follows an agreed agenda during regular meetings.


Grupo de Trabajo de Miner�a

Gathering together the most important mining companies installed in Argentina, the CCAC is the only binational Chamber that ensure the industry needs in a committee.

Objectives of WG Mining:

  • Current status of mining in Argentina and in the world.
  • Presence in front of provincial governments
  • Good communication practices
  • Importance of Canadian investment in Argentina in front of the parliamentary instances.

Grupo de Trabajo de Energ�a

WG Energy (oil, gas, clean energy) provides a dynamic and interactive agenda that describe the specific characteristics of the industry and asses its limitations and boundaries.

Objectives of the WG Energy:

  • Analyze investment opportunities in Argentina in order to inform interested Canadian companies that use the CCAC as a means of communication so that they can discuss about specific cases of successful businesses. (Up to date and accurate information)
  • Prevent business risks and help those who wants to settle in the country so that they can avoid making common mistakes regarding legacy, environment, administrative issues, the role of each province, prices and taxes, labor (seeing them as strategic partners to provide sources of employment).
  • Convene all parties involved in the industry to participate in WG Energy to consolidate a joint letter of intent.

Grupo de Trabajo de Responsabilidad Social Empresaria

WG for Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility tries to guide member companies so that they implement enriching experiences for their own development.

Objectives of the WG for Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility:

  • Promote and disseminate knowledge of policies and standards of social responsibility in general and particular experience of Canadian companies.
  • Identification of values and social actions to consider social responsibility programs.
  • Receiving projects we can offer our members. Generate possible links between companies executing joint proposals.
  • Communication Strategy: dissemination of corporate social responsibility programs in the electronic media and set up a form that puts forward the importance of corporate management in order to pass the path to sustainability.

Grupo de Trabajo de Recursos Humanos

The Human Resources WG discusses general topics that might interest the member companies of the group: flexible benefits, salary, motivation, internal communications, production, recruitment, employee retention, etc.

RH WG objectives:

  • Establish and consolidate a yearly calendar of work on topics related to HR concerning each partner company and are of general interest.
  • Building a virtual work plan which can produce documents that can be presented in various public and private organizations and enable the achievement of specific forums.
  • Propose measures adapted to the demands of companies participating partners to update the training of personal assigned to HR.
  • Develop a specific project of common interest on human resources for members of the working group.

Foreign Trade Work Group

We assist in the facilitation of trade and the exchange of information, experiences and good practices among our members, for those Agenda items that make all branches of foreign trade in Argentina and Canada, and its articulation with the public sector. This forum allows us to act quickly in the face of operational and strategic eventualities that jeopardize the companies’ export and import operations.

Its main working areas are:

  • Customs
  • Logistics
  • Finance
  • SMEs
  • Marketing and strategies
  • Procedures and interventions

Tax & Legal Work Group

We analyze the current regulations and legislation regarding foreign investment, industry and trade, with a medium and long-term vision aiming to favor the business climate between Argentina and Canada. With this objective in mind, we propose modifications that meet the common interest of our members. We examine tax reforms and regulations, serving as a means of communication for the Chamber's partner companies so that their concerns and interests are known to the government. Law firms and the companies’ legal departments take part in this work group.