to expand its services, relationships and tools to meet the diverse needs of its members, the CCAC maintains partnerships with various national and international organizations.


Embassy of Canada in Argentina and Paraguay


The Embassy of Canada in Argentina and Paraguay aims to promote institutional and commercial relations between Canada and these two Latin- American countries, supporting trade missions, serving as an intermediary between the two countries concerned, informing the government and playing an important role in the promotion.

The Embassy strongly supports projects and actions taken by the CCAC. It maintains connection with officials of the Government of Canada to provide alternatives to our partners in order to integrate them into the business world.

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Union of Foreign and Binational Chambers of Commerce (UCCEB)

Since 1972, the UCCEB meet most of the Foreign and Binational Chambers of Commerce in Argentina. Its members have numerous members representing more than 75% of the imports and exports between the nation and the rest of the world.

The main objective of this union is to exchange information relating to the international market, economic policies and trends in the local market. We study all measures likely to achieve an increase in trade in both directions, between Argentina and the countries represented in the Union.

Leading representatives of domestic and foreign economic activity are attending the meetings, as well as ministers and secretaries of the State, business leaders and political analysts.


Chamber of Commerce of Argentina (CCA)

C�mara Argentina de Comercio

CCA represents the interests of merchants, manufacturers, importers and domestic producers facing public authorities and workers in the affairs of the country and the world. It as a principle to support the development of the global economy and maintain a strong defense action and the promotion of trade and services.

Conducting conferences and national and international meeting and participating in the formation of various professional associations, the CCA organizes many events to secure contractors.

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Chamber of Commerce of Latin America of Quebec (CCLAQ)

C�mara de Comercio Latinoam�ricana de Quebec

The mission of the Chamber of Commerce in Latin America of Quebec is to promote the integration of entrepreneurs and professionals from Latin America living in the province of Quebec in Canada. The CCLAQ contributes, by the events it organizes, to generate encounters and exchanges between Latin American negotiators and Quebequers .

The CCLAQ is the best reference for Quebec businesses looking for professional service providers who specialize in Latin American markets and Quebec markets.

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The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Toronto (HTCC)

C�mara de Comercio de Toronto

The HTCC is a non-profit organization founded in 2002. Its aims is to support the economic development of Hispanic businesses in Canada and Latin America. This institution act as a bridge between Canadians and the Hispanic so they can seize opportunities.

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Toronto is committed to provide to its members unique programs of business development, useful resources, efficient marketing possibilities, a visibility and to promote business at al levels.

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TFO Canada

TFO Canada confronts the challenge of global poverty by promoting sustainable economic development through export information, advice and contact. TFO Canada facilitates access to the Canadian marketplace and shares Canadian trade expertise for the benefit of smaller exporters in developing countries.

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