Founded on August 10, 1977, the Chamber of Commerce between Argentina and Canada is composed of an extensive network of members. These members represent the bulk of bilateral trade with a direct investment of over 2,000 million of dollar.

In recent years, Canadian direct investment in Argentina is growing and is now covering a variety of sectors. For example, Canadian companies that invest in the agro-industrial sector generate a multitude of products such as fertilizers, processed foods, dairy products and training of farmers and fish breeder. Canada is also present in mining, energy, in printing, telecommunications, building materials, etc.

The CCAC is a dynamic organization to form and strengthen ties among its members by providing constant support and assistance in trade negotiations and in Argentina or Canada.

Misi�n de la CCAC


  • Lead and promote bilateral trade, foreign direct investment and trade relations between Argentina and Canada.
  • Inform and expand the exchange of commercial and industrial projects between the two countries.
  • Promote the transfer of technology and other knowledge that represent common interest.
  • Develop and strengthen mutual understanding, friendship and culture between its members and institutions.
  • Promote free enterprise and ethical standards among its members and the community.

How does the CCAC act?

In order to achieve its objectives, the Chamber wishes to constantly expand its network of business contacts in both countries.

  • The events organized by the CCAC represent excellent opportunities to build relationships with companies from various sectors.
  • The Work Groups are there to help share success strategies, experiences, knowledge and generate new ideas.
  • The Chamber is working with the Canadian Embassy in Argentina and received his support in its actions.
  • The CCAC has established alliances with other binational Chambers of Commerce that generate mutual reinforcement.