Offering not only personalized services to our members, the CCAC give solutions for all organizations that want to be installed in both Argentina and Canada.



  • Activity Reports
  • Statistics
  • Business opportunities
  • Participation in exhibitions and trade show
  • Business tours


Activities Reports

The CCAC provides all the essential information you need to know to commercialize your products or services in each country. We develop market research appropriate to the needs of your organization.

The program answers to the following elements:

  • Definition of the product or service offered and their position on them
  • Distribution Channels
  • List of potential importers or exporters
  • Statistics
  • Multilateral Agreement
  • Input and output requirements
  • Excise taxes
  • Quality standarts and certifications
  • Labeling and packaging
  • Freight customs
  • Data from government agencies in Canada or Argentina
  • More Information

The Foreign Trade Department of CCW provides accurate and customized informations at a very low price.

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