What makes us different?

Members companies are invaluable to the Chamber of Commerce Argentine- Canadian and it is ready to give its best to meet the needs of each one. We are working with our partners to help them find new business opportunities, to maintain good relations and to promote good dialogue in the joint public or private, we reinforce their sense of belonging with us.

Being a small Chamber is for us an advantage because it allows us to offer a personalized service and attention to each of our members. We believe that this is the best way to develop strategies and obtain favorable results.



To be a Member of the CCAC allows you to:

Attend exclusive events

  • Reduction on lunches, dinners and cocktails with prestigious guests.
  • Technical courses, seminars and conferences
  • Networking events designed specifically for business members of the Chamber
  • Events jointly organized with other binational chambers of commerce.

Discount on services

  • Consultancy informative on practical issues relating to foreign trade.
  • Market research and specialized technical guides
  • Council to form companies and joint ventures.
  • Consultations to facilitate the enrollment and participation of exhibitors and visitors at various fairs in Canada.
  • Access to a bank of CV

Access to daily updated informations

  • Commercial contacts in Canada and Argentina
  • Access to a large network of opportunities through our database and published informations
  • New business opportunities with our support
  • Share governmental and private representatives visits.
  • Orientation in trade missions, trade fairs and exhibitions.
  • Connection with the Canadian Embassy in Argentina and other Chambers of Commerce in Canada.

Participate in the Work Groups

Grupos de Trabajo

  • Share useful information
  • Generate new ideas
  • Acquire knowledge from distinguished guests.
  • Propose and develop effective and common strategies.

Network of the partners

  • Meeting from »partner to partner»
  • Knowing the scope of businesses to generate synergies

CCAC sponsors activities

  • Give visibility to your company in quality events with influential business people.
  • Distribute promotional and informative material
  • Share key meetings to make decisions


Respect the status of the CCAC

Since the CCAC promote Ethics and Transparency, its scope affects all players which plays a role from near or far in the Chamber. So, we have created an Ethics Code which serves as a reference to all new members of the Chamber. This, in order to facilitate and inspire the best business practices.

Join the CCAC

Click on the link below to access the Partnership Form. After sending the form by mail, a representative of the CCAC will contact you to schedule an interview. If you would like to receive more information about the income programs, send us an email at: ccac@argcancham.com.ar